Example project made with YII2

Here is an example project built entirely with Yii2. Free NFT Viewer

Your one stop NFT Viewer!

View full details of any NFT. Supports multiple networks all automatically (you do not need to supply the name of the network):

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Ethereum Ropsten Testnet
  • Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet
  • Polygon Mainnet
  • Polygon Mumbai Testnet

Search for NFTs to view by multiple criteria:

  • By Owner — View all NFTs owned by a specific wallet address.
  • By Collection — View all NFTs by contract address (known as a collection).
  • By Contract and Token ID — NFT Viewer of a single NFT specified by the contract address and the token ID.

Full details provided when viewing a specific NFT:

  • View NFT image
  • Play NFT video
  • Play NFT audio
  • View NFT document
  • Network NFT found on
  • NFT Mint date
  • Address of current owner
  • Number of transactions for that NFT
  • Token Type
  • Collection Name
  • Contract Address
  • Meta Document URL
  • All Meta Data — Including:
    • NFT Name
    • Description
    • Image URL
  • All Meta Attributes
  • File Size
  • Mime Type
  • Image Height
  • Image Width
  • Button to download a backup of the NFT

The list of the info provided is quite comprehensive and detailed. Most likely anything you would like to know about a particular NFT.

If there is a piece of info that you would like to see that is not included, please drop us a note and let us know through the contact form.

Check it out at: NFT Viewer